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Licensed by the Supreme Court of Nicaragua.  As to practice in international courts, we work with your local attorneys as "of counsel," paralegals, or consultants.

International Extradition, Expulsion and Deportation Defenses

Managua Lawyers and the International Law Firm of Karla Corea provide consulting services with respect to international extradition, expulsions, and deportation defenses.  Working with local counsel in Central America, Europe,  Asia,the United States and Canada, we provide a vast array of knowledge, research, and legal strategies as to these important matters that affect the rights and life of the client.

Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties

International Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties provide governments the ability to exchange information, execute foreign search warrants, and intercept oral and data communications.   Many countries allow challenges to MLAT applications and failing to invoke rights could result in waivers in both the country that took the action and the country that requested it.  It is important to have a liason that will work with legal counsel in both countries that maintains experience with MLAT applications and defenses.

International Corporations and Asset Protection Strategies

Many people wrongfully equate asset protection and the use of international corporations with tax evasion.  Tax evasion rarely offers lifelong protecttion.  However, every person maintains the right to protect their earned and taxed assets from third-parties.  Unfortunately, in a society plagued with litigation, an aggressive claimant could provide you with the Hobson's Choice of spending your assets on attorney fees or settling an unfounded claim.  The present #metoo movement and pro-plaintiff courts opened the door to false claims and abuses that could lead eventual seizure of your savings by unscrupulous claimants alleging occurrences from decades ago that cannot be defended ("she says, he says").  Using international corporations and asset protection strategies can assure your tax-paid income is safe from these risks.